What Is Environmentally Sustainable Design?

Environmentally sustainable design is the practice of reducing or completely removing any form of negative impact upon the environment in the development, production and life of a product. As our awareness of our impacts increases, consumers are looking towards businesses that are environmentally conscious and provide them with green options.


But how could you make a difference? As a business you can help to enable positive change and even set an example by the choices you make. It can be as simple as changing to a recycled material to print your next business card onto or minimising the amount of packaging you use on your next product. I can help you to make informed decisions that will improve your business’ green credentials whilst helping to protect our planet for future generations. Every change towards a more sustainable product adds up to make a difference to our impact upon the planet.


You can find out more about what considerations you can take in your project and how I can help you make green choices further down this page.

What I Do To Be A Environmentally Conscious Designer

It started with a single change. I switched my electricity supplier to a totally green one. It was the first step of many on a journey to becoming a greener designer and has become an integral part of my professional practice.

Designing can be messy business but I’ve changed the ways I operate to reduce the impact of my work. Digital project documents, renewable green energy, carbon neutral paper and online meetings are just a few of the ways that have helped to reduce my environmental impact.

Environmentally Friendly Graphic Design

A lot of the design I do stays digital but when I need to design for print there are some steps I can take to make your outcome greener. It could be that we utilise an environmentally friendly printing company, choose recycled materials to print on, use local suppliers or even making your content more concise to reduce page numbers in a brochure.

Could your business card double as a bookmark and remain in sight of a potential client? Could the packaging from the product that you send to your customer have an alternative use to offset its disposal? Could the customer send the packaging back to be reused again?

Building Green Design Values Into Your Brand

Making sustainability a genuine part of your organisations values can reflect positively upon you as a brand. Not only will you be doing your part to encourage change but you may even find that you are reaching new customers that are looking for greener options. The future of design will increasingly be focused around sustainability and reducing environmental impact. There really is no better time to start going green.

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