Logo Design Pricing

I offer logo design services to suit a wide range of budgets. Whether you are a start-up on a tight budget or a well established company looking for a long term rebrand, I have something to accommodate your needs.

What Determines the Price for a logo design?

In general the price of your project will depend upon: the amount of time spent on your project, the complexity of design, required contact time for discussions or meetings and finally the number of choices you’d like for your logo design. As with all of my projects, I work hard to produce my client’s the best results possible for their budget and I’m only happy to deliver results that I truly believe in. After all, my success as a designer relies upon the growth of my client’s brands!

What is the benefit of investing more into my logo design project?

I’ll have more time to invest into your project on aspects such as:

  • Designing the logo, developing the design through more detailed refinement
  • Generating more concepts to find the perfect one to fulfil your design brief
  • Fully understanding your brand’s story, values and ethos; looking for ways to incorporate this into your logo design
  • Researching competitor branding, looking for opportunities to get your logo to stand out from the rest
  • Understanding the market audience to make your branding appeal to the clients and customers you want to gain
  • Creating variations of your logo design for different purposes
  • Creating implementation guidelines for your logo

Are you ready to get a face for your brand?

I’ll create you a logo that boosts recognition, creates a distinctive identity & helps to build trust with your customers.

Interested in starting a project or would like to find out more information?