Studio VC – Logo Design – Interior & Architectural Design

Meaning behind the minimalism. Studio VC approached me to design a logo for their new interior design studio. I took inspiration from the modernist building that they are based within. The design takes utilises the form and shapes from the main doorway of the house. An abstract V and C replace the space where the doorway would be. It helps to express Studio VC’s ability to open new possibilities within interior design and their own unique design ethos. The house is very much about openness and varying levels; I took these qualities and applied them into the design.


Farley Hey is a beautiful modernist house designed in 1954 by the architect Peter Womersley. It is considered one of the finest mid-century modern houses in Britain.


“When it was listed in 1998, English Heritage described it as one of the best demonstrations of the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright in the country. The interior revolves around a large double-height living area, with no internal partitions separating the various ‘rooms’. They are instead defined by changes of level, and elements such as columns, sideboards and music units, as well as different lighting and surface textures. The illusion of spaciousness created by the adoption of the open plan is further enhanced by the use of extensive glazing, which allows spectacular views over the Pennines, as do the outdoor porches and terraces.” – RIBA Journal