Sunday Spark – Pattern Making Inspiration, Ideas & Designs

This week we will be admiring some eye catching illustrated and graphic patterns. I’ve been working hard to bring new content to my Instagram channel over the past two weeks. Coming to realise it’s importance to my creative process and business, I needed to come up with new ideas on what to post. What could be engaging? Likewise, what could create a following? From past experience of running a Soundcloud channel, I quickly built interest by posting a weekly guest mix by a producer. People began to expect it, they came back to see who I’d be recommending next and to find a new fresh sound to get into. Spawned from this is a similar concept but delivered in a visual way. It’s something that could easily be shared too.

The result; I started a weekly graphic design message called ‘Have A Goodun’. It was a way for me to continue frequent posting to Instagram, create a new format of post and connect with my followers. It sends a positive message to my following and an opportunity to get creative in the design aesthetics. I’ve even picked up some new skills and knowledge about the process of pattern making along the way. Don’t worry, I’ll share these with you in the near future!

So, that’s how I arrived at making this weeks Sunday Spark about graphic and illustrated patterns. To kick it off I’ve included two of my own posts followed by a collection of inspiring patterns for you to enjoy.

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